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There used to be a building that stood on a hill in Jerusalem known as Solomon’s Temple. The biblical narrative devotes a significant portion to its construction and unfortunate destruction. This building is a step along the path that prepared the people of God to become the temple - their crucial role in God’s plan to dwell with humanity. So what does an ancient building have to do with you? If you are a Christ-follower, it frames your entire spiritual life and calling. Do we need to rebuild that ancient building on the spot where it once stood in order to meet with God? Nope. He is calling you to function as a little temple every single day, wherever you are.

Do you idolize your body, or do you ignore it? Body idolizers may take a lot of vitamins and supplements, spend a lot of money on health and nutrition, workout equipment, etc. Body ignorers don’t eat right, drink too much, smoke too much, and have a poor idea of exercise. The Bible has so much to say about the body – an incredible amount. And the Bible addresses those who tend to be idolizers and it addresses those who tend to be ignorers. In both extremes there is a self-centeredness that basically says “it’s all about me”. It should be all about Jesus.

The ball will go where your eyes are looking – whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, or bowling. When you learned to drive a car you found out you can’t look down at the road, you’ve got to look up and ahead to where you are going. The missed shots, the bad throws, the swerves on the road, they’re usually due to us looking in the wrong direction, or taking our focus of the target momentarily. It’s just a physical principle. It’s a spiritual principle as well. What we view and see often determines the direction of our lives. What comes through our eyes impacts our prospective on life, and our sensitivity to the truth. It’s time to have eyes like Jesus.

You cannot tune in to certain voices or things for a long period of time and not have them impact the way you live your life. We think we can listen to anyone and anything and it won’t affect what we do or what we become. But the truth is, who and what you listen to over a consistent basis will eventually begin to influence the decisions you make. Our focus should be to listen to what Jesus would listen to.

Our words are very powerful. They can either build others up, or tear others down. Our lives are impacted by our words, and how we treat one another verbally is a reflection of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. We need to stick to a standard of speaking: Is what I'm saying building others up according to their needs? If we are to be like Jesus, our words must match our walk.

Throughout the ages and even in today’s culture, our hands represent power, strength and ability. God has given us our hands for His purposes and for the advancement of His kingdom. We are to ask ourselves the question: What could God do if I made my hands available for His use?

Our words and expressions reflect our hearts. If we have spiritual heart problems, it will manifest itself in other areas. The people closest to us catch the shrapnel our hearts expose. By having “heart surgery”, we can learn to appreciate what God has given us. We need a heart like Jesus.