Series List

Fired Up
Jun 2013

Most of us would not normally associate the word “fire” with the Creator Himself. Our first thoughts would probably be Hellfire, the Lake of Fire, or Sodom and Gomorra. It may be surprising to many, if not most of us, that the word “fire,” and its attributes of “light” and “heat” speak more of the Creator and His goodness than of a destructive force against His enemies. God manifested Himself in various forms of fire on many different occasions. Many times it was to “fire up” and individual to do something extraordinary. In this four-part series, Lead Pastor Bobby Martin explores what it takes to blaze a trail of glory for God.

Choose Joy
May 2013

We all can relate to circumstances that take the wind out of our sails. Whether it’s a seemingly inconvenient pregnancy to an unexpected tragedy, all of us at some time or other have lost our joy. How do you get it back? Does it depend on your circumstances or can you really choose to have joy IN SPITE of your circumstances? In this four part series called “CHOOSE JOY”, I will take us through the book of Philippians and introduce a man who chose joy despite being in prison and ultimately facing death. Paul’s insight and experience can help us choose joy no matter what our situation may be.

Modern Family
Apr 2013

In a day when family values are being re-evaluated and altered, Gods values have never changed. Scripture is clear about the principles for families to adhere to that God has ordained and not deviating from His commands. The real issue is not what we think is important but what God has said is important.

The Walking Dead
Mar 2013

They are all around us. You may even be one of them. They are the WALKING DEAD. Alive and breathing, yet not really experiencing the life God has for them. As we make our way through life, our culture tends to herd us all in the same direction until we begin to look the same, act the same and want the same things as everyone else. After a while this sense of sameness, with little hope for change, makes us feel and even act like zombies. Join us for this series and discover the real meaning of life. It’s time to fight the dead and start the living.

The Road to Recovery
Jan 2013 - Feb 2013

Unemployment is up. Stocks are down. Everybody is pointing fingers. If you are like most Americans, you’re wondering what’s going on in Washington. And you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do while you wait for somebody to fix things. Well, here’s an idea. What if we don’t wait around for somebody else? What if we go ahead and start fixing it ourselves? What if “We the People” tried to get this country on the road to recovery?

Christmas Unwrapped
Dec 2012

Have you ever gotten a gift for Christmas that was wrapped up and you assumed it was one thing, but after it was unwrapped you saw it for what it really was? It may have been a disappointment or it may have been better than you imagined. For some of us, Christmas is so beautifully wrapped in our memories and expectations that we never open it. We don’t want to disturb the beauty of the wrapping and so we miss the true gift that is found underneath all of the wrapping that we have placed around Christmas. Join us for this four part series as we look at “Christmas Unwrapped”. Inside the UNbelievable Gift of Christmas is the human drama, the plan of God as it unfolds, the amazing story of GOD BECOMING A MAN, and the faith of ordinary people that was required to see God’s plan realized.

Nov 2012

You cannot have a true encounter with Jesus Christ and not be different. In this two week series “CHANGED”, we will look at a woman and a man who encountered the living, breathing Son of God. Each one had a defining moment that transformed where they were in the moment to something new and life altering. You will be challenged to have your own encounter with the God who loves you.

Dear Mr. President
Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

If you had the opportunity to write a letter to our next President and you knew it would show up on his desk in the Oval Office . . . what would you say? What advice would you offer? What changes would you suggest? What if God were to write a letter to our next President? What do you think he would say?

In DEAR MR PRESIDENT, Lead Pastor Bobby Martin shares what he would say to the next president, regardless of who he is. As you listen, you will discover that what he has to say is not just applicable to those who hold public office, but to leaders everywhere. Whether your leadership context is home, business, team, or classroom, these principles will help you maximize your godly influence in our nation.

Oct 2012

Handling love and relationships seems to get harder with every generation. Yet God thought up and created two sexes. It was His idea. But more and more people are turning to the media, the internet, and the movies for their romantic advice. It’s time we look at the secrets of sex, dating, and marriage from a more dependable source – the Bible.

There's an App for That, Too
Sep 2012

There are hundreds of thousands of phone apps available for download. These apps can be used to wake you up, to show you where to shop, to help you count calories, or to log your exercise minutes. But they can’t actually make you get up, control your spending, manage your diet, or force you to exercise.

The App Store isn’t the only place you can find apps. As we learned in an earlier series “There’s An App For That”, the Bible has also given us many “apps” to enhance and improve our lives. In this follow up series Lead Pastor Bobby Martin will identify four more life applications worth living by.