Series Schedule

New Series at The Church at Creek's End

At some point, we've all found ourselves in the middle of a mess —relationally, professionally, or maybe even financially. In this 4-part sermon series called ADDRESS THE MESS, we will discover how those messes may actually be our best opportunity to move toward God and God's best opportunity to do something incredible through us. Here is the series schedule:

SEPTEMBER 10 – “The Mess In The Mirror”
Whether we’re religious or not, we’ve all been in, are in, or are only one decision away from a mess. But there’s a powerful connection between your messes and your relationship with God. In this message we’ll discover that all of us are a “hot mess” and we have to see our mess for what it really is.

SEPTEMBER 17 – “Best Mess Ever”
"I know a mess when I see one because I am a mess." When we acknowledge our messes, we're a baby step away from acknowledging God. Your mess has the potential to bring God near you. In this message I will point out how we can get out of the messes we find ourselves in.

SEPTEMBER 24 – “Inside Out”
A common misperception is that the Christian life is all about avoiding messes and staying out of trouble. But following Jesus isn’t about avoiding something; it’s about becoming something. We will learn in this message how to avoid a mess by pursuing something better.

OCTOBER 1 – “Messy-er”
When you have a mess to address, first options often make messes messier. Eventually those messes will become a one or two sentence part of your story. What story do you want to tell? In this message, I will use the story of David to explore an approach that can take the “-er” out of your messy situations.